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Welcome to dick jokes and dead guys, with Deadpool.

Deadpool leads the ultimate fantasy life.

He’s a bad-ass anti-hero with the reckless demeanor of a tireless villain, he wears a cool spandex suit and gets to run around making dick jokes all day. It’s basically the adult version of being allowed outside during kindergarten playtime.

Deadpool’s first foray into video games is an interesting one. He directs, writes and stars in his own game and even finds time to make awkward small talk with Nolan North.

Even if you aren’t familiar with the comics, it’s a hilarious six hour ride. It’s one of the few games that had me actually laughing out loud — I mean real laughter that could be heard by others in the proximity — with its crude, obnoxious and occasionally even subtly clever jokes.

It’s one of the few games that had me actually laughing out loud — I mean real laughter that could be heard by others in the proximity — with its crude, obnoxious and occasionally even subtly clever jokes.

The fourth wall is annihilated immediately when Deadpool is caught lounging provocatively in his trashy apartment as the phone rings with details about making his highly anticipated video game a reality. After accepting a massive package at the door, the narrator implores Deadpool to actually read some of the script and contemplate having a say. It is, after all, his adventure. Reluctantly, Deadpool pulls out his trusty red crayon to make some scathing changes, but as the tale flows, it’s obvious he didn’t do all of his homework and is oblivious as to what’s going to happen next.

That’s half the fun.

A lack of conventional plot is what makes Deadpool so hilarious. There’s plenty of toilet humour and an unexpected rendezvous with X-Men characters in a campaign that doesn’t know where it’s going. It keeps stringing you along through sheer variety with hectic action giving way to sliding down a sewer pipe, to finding an injured Wolverine and even somehow stumbling into an 8-bit world. It’s hilarious, and you never know what’s approaching around the next corner.

Despite offering a scrambled variety, the gameplay behind it all is passable without doing anything especially well. It’s competent enough for a few hours of fun, but even during the opening mission it becomes apparent that you’re going to be doing a lot of the same button mashing.

It’s a decent third-person action game, with a combo-based melee attack system combining with unpolished gunplay and a sweet teleport dodge manoeuvre. Beating up bad guys will earn you DP points to spend on Deadpool’s kit, delivering an arsenal of new swords, guns and combat upgrades — it’s a solid system designed around being slightly more powerful than your opponents. If you forget to upgrade, every so often the man in red will leer into the fourth wall eyes and ask what the hell you’re doing.

It’s fun slicing henchmen and blowing them all to pieces with a suicidal grenade. There’s just enough variety in the enemies to require a semblance of thought, rather than mashing the light and heavy attack buttons, but you won’t have to think too much. Some enemies need to be countered pseudo-Batman style to break their guard, while others will dish out serious damaging by firing from afar.

It’s just that it all becomes a bit the same. The variety doesn’t hold up for the long haul, and I was playing to laugh along with Deadpool more-so than to continuously stab some baddies. The auto-aim lock-on has a crazy mind of its own. Sometimes it’s perfect, but then it decides to target an arm or pillar next to the hired gone. I actually got pretty good at manually hitting headshots, but the lock-on system will always guide you away from the head first, making everything more difficult than need be.

For a game designed to mock video game tropes, the levels are surprisingly plain. There are some Deadpool-esque backdrops, but the playable environments are very linear with a blocky design that heavily restricts movement. It’s like running around a B-grade licensed game, and you’ll literally be bouncing off the walls.

The Final Verdict

Deadpool is worth playing for the hilariously crude script and brilliant voice acting as it pokes fun at superheroes and video games in one big lavish affair. The gameplay does run a little dry and is merely passable without really excelling at anything, but fans of the character will appreciate the mannerisms and wackiness that is Deadpool.


Got Right
  • + Hilarious script
  • + You'll actually laugh
  • + Decent variety for a 6 hour campaign
Got Wrong
  • - Gameplay becomes bland
  • - Levels are disappointing
  • - Shooting can be problematic
Platform: PS3 / Xbox
Similar to: X-Men, Any superhero game you've played before
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Probably my fault for diving straight into the harder difficulty, but I found the boss-type characters to be a real chore to take down; it feels as if my strikes do nothing to them.
Didnt bother with it before, still wont bother with it now.
'in his trashy apparent' Did you mean to say apartment?

'spend on Deadpoll’s kit' Did you mean to say Deadpool's

Played on regular expecting a reasonable challenge and was quite dissapointed in the way of difficultly I played on standard mode and swept through the game like it was nothing up until the final boss fight at least which I found compared to the rest of the game was near impossible, My other big complaint is the controls and the way it was simply ported to pc from the Xbox with no consideration for the control scheme.

Despite all that it's still an enjoyable game with lot's of laughs in it and for $30 its a pretty good deal.

It's pretty cheap on Steam so I may just consider getting this for crudeness [MOG]
i would buy on a sale but not at the normal price
My friend is a massive Deadpool and he was not disappointed. Sure it has a few issues but from what I hear its hilarity makes up for a lot of its downfalls.
Check Out my Deadpool Lets Play :)

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