The Halo 4 Checklist (and a brief summary of the Halo story)

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So with Halo 4 less than a week away, there are some things you should do to get the best experience out of the FPS juggernaut.


Get familiar with the story

The story of Halo and it's universe is a very rich one and understanding the story is the key to enriching your experience.

If you have time, make sure to do the following in order:

 • Read the timeline -

While it's not the most detailed thing ever, the following Halo timeline will fill in some gaps and joggle memories for the players that have played the previous games.

 • Watch the live action series - Forward Unto Dawn

In this long awaited epic series, Halo fans will be taken back to the infamous beginning of the Human/Covenant war, when the Master Chief inspired a young cadet who would eventually become the commander of the UNSC's greatest vessel ever: the UNSC Infinity.

With the last episode getting released sometime on the 2nd, I recommend everyone to watch this series as the events are prior to Halo: Reach and the UNSC Infinity plays a major role in Halo 4!

 • Play Halo Reach

Halo Reach tells the story of Noble Team and the Fall Of Planet Reach - "The most important headquarters for the UNSC and the main supplier of military and civilian spacecraft, and the location of the UNSC's largest and most active shipyard." It is the prequel to Halo: Combat Evolved.

For those of you who want the tl;dr, read the SPOILER below:

 • You play as Noble six, a new member of Noble Team

 • Noble Team is tasked with doing various missions to help
defend Reach from the Convenant.

 • Most of your squad dies doing said missions

 • Noble Six and the remaining members (minus Jun who is escorting Dr. Halsey to safety) of Noble team are tasked with transporting Cortana to the Pillar of Autumn.

 • Noble Team succeeds in transporting Cortana. All are confirmed KIA except Jun.

 • Reach falls

 • Play Halo: CE Anniversary

The HD version of the original Halo game on the Xbox, Halo: Combat Evolved, this is the game that kicks off the story of John 117 / Master Chief. Again, for a tl;dr spoiler, read on:

 • You play as Master Chief, a Spartan II which is a rare breed of a super soldier.

 • You learn of Halo, a Ring world that is capable of eliminating all life in the universe.

 • Convenant attack your ship, the Pillar of Autumn and you save Cortana (The A.I that Noble Team helped transport in Halo Reach) as she contains precious information that will be disastrous in enemy hands

 • You along with Convenant forces attempt to reach the control room of the Halo to uncover the secrets of this mysterious world.

 • The flood (a parasitic race that destroys races) are accidently unleashed after thousands of years.

 • The flood capture the commander of the Pillar of Autumn, Captain Keyes.
 • Chief kills Keyes after finding him infected by the flood.

 • Chief destroys the Halo by overloading the Pillar of Autumn

 • Play Halo 2

The sequel to Halo: CE, Halo 2 continues the story of Master Chief and tells the story of the "Arbiter"

 • The Supreme Commander of the "The Fleet of Particular Justice" (responsible for Glassing Reach and the ship that followed the Pillar of Autumn to the first Halo) is being trialled for failing to protect the Halo by the Prophets.

 • Convenant start invasion of Earth

 • The trialled Supreme Commander has a chance of redemption by killing a heretic that was disillusioning the convenant before the desctruction of the first Halo, but most don the "Arbiter" armour. A quick exert from the wiki states that:

Originally, the title of Arbiter was a privilege and may have once been a rank. This, however, has changed. After the betrayal of Fal 'Chavamee, the Prophets gave the title of Arbiter to disgraced Sangheili in order for them to regain honor by suicidal missions.

 • When the Arbiter reaches the Great Heretic, the heretic attempts to convince the Arbiter that the Prophets have been lying about the "Great Journey" until he is killed by the Brute Chieftan - Tartarus.

The Great Journey is the journey of setting up and activating the Halo rings according to the Prophets.

 • The convenant invasion of Earth is halted due to UNSC defences

 • The Prophet of Regret flees Earth with Miranda Keyes (daughter of Jacob Keyes from Halo CE) and Master Chief following undected until they go through a slip space that leads them to another Halo Ring.

 • The Prophet of Regret attempts to personally activate the ring to propel the "Great Journey" and is killed by the Master Chief.

 • The Prophets death is blamed onto the Elites and their role as the protectors of the prophets are removed and given to the Brutes.

 • The Arbiter and Chief end up in the bottom of a lake with the Flood gravemind telling them that the ring must not be fired.

They team up to prevent the ring from being fired, with Chief heading to the Convenant ship High Charity to get the Index (A key needed to fire the Halo) and the Arbiter heading to the control room to halt the rings from activating.

 • The
 • Tartarus then forces Keyes to activate the Halo by inserting the index but is eventually killed and the index removed.

However, this sends a signal to the other Halo arrays putting them in standby mode and allowing them to be remotely activated from the "Ark"
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 • Play Halo 3: ODST

The Prologue to Halo 3, Halo 3:ODST fills in the story of what was happening on Earth during the events of Halo 2.

 • You play as the Rookie of an ODST group

 • Your group is tasked to prevent the Convenant from doing whatever they came to earth to do.

 • Your group narrowly escapes a scarab glassing the area where a Forerunner portal linked to the Ark is found.

 • Play Halo 3

 • Chief arrives on Earth

 • Chief is tasked with preventing the convenant from activating the "Ark" that will set off all the Halo's.

 • A flood infected ship crashes onto Earth

 • Master Chief and The Arbiter travel through the portal and arrive at the "Ark"

 • High Charity (the ship from Halo 2 which is now infected by the flood) crashes onto the Ark

 • The Chief launches an attack on the Citadel with Elites and Marines

 • Keyes crashes her Pelican into the Citadel to save the captured Johnson but is killed by the Prophet of Truth.

 • Johnson is forced the activate the rings.

 • The flood, Master Chief and the Arbiter team up to stop the rings and the Prophet.

 • The Arbiter kills the Prophet whilst the Chief deactivates the rings, the flood then turn on the two.

 • Chief finds that the Ark is in the process of making a replacement Halo and knowing that the flood are too dangerous to have around, finds a way to activate it.

 • Chief heads to the crashed High Charity ship, gets Cortana and the Index she is carrying from Halo 2.

 • The Chief, Johnson and the Arbiter proceed to head to the new Halo ring.

 • Johnson is killed by 343 guilty spark.

 • Chief destroys 343 Guilty spark and activates the Halo.

 • The Arbiter and Chief rush to the frigate "Forward Unto Dawn" with the Arbiter controlling.

 • The first half (with Arbiter) of the frigate makes it through the portal back to Earth but the second Half (with Chief and Cortana) is cut off and is sent flying through space.

Halo 4 will come bundled with two disks, one containing the Single Players, Spartan Ops and Forge and the other disk will contain the MP aspect.

Disk 2 will require 8 gigabytes of storage to install and it is COMPULSORY if you want to play multiplayer. After the disk is installed, it is not needed anymore.

You cannot skip this install and use the second disk when you want to play MP (like with ODST).
Green is disgust by your actions.
Hey hey, I'm just helping people get on this bandwagon (including him) [MOG]

Mirage said: Hey hey, I'm just helping people get on this bandwagon (including him)

I will be on no Halo bandwagon nub.

BTW, You didn't text me back, so i reported you as a missing person.
I can't wait until everyone has played it so that we can talk about the story, life, love, etc. etc.

Seriously though launch night is going to be fun!
Imma cave in and buy this before the launch [Facepalm]

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Oh wow, I'll definitely buy some....


Mirage said: Hey hey, I'm just helping people get on this bandwagon (including him)

I wish I could hook up to LIVE so we could game together one more time :'(

Mirage said: Imma cave in and buy this before the launch

We got a, erm, fashionable V Halo 4 shirt at MMGN HQ.

@Ben wears it when he goes to bars.

Kerosanak said:

Mirage said: Hey hey, I'm just helping people get on this bandwagon (including him)

I wish I could hook up to LIVE so we could game together one more time

Dem memories of playing when everyone was in the dashboard beta [Rage]

Beta said:
We got a, erm, fashionable V Halo 4 shirt at MMGN HQ.
@Ben wears it when he goes to bars.

What a Pimp. [MOG]
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